The Executive Producers would like to thank the following individuals for all of their hard work and cooperation in bringing this project to completion:

U’mista Cultural Centre: The Directors of the U’mista Cultural Society


Getty Research Institute: Karen Stokes, Katja Zelljadt, Rebecca Peabody, Gail Feigenbaum, Charles Salas, Evelyn Sen, Beth Brett

UCLA Film & Television Archive: Jere Guldin, Rob Stone, Kelly Graml

Autry National Center: Donna Tuggle, Kim Walters, Rich Deely, Paul Edelman

UCLA Philharmonia: Neal Stulberg

Participants in the Getty Research Institute workshop: Melissa Anderson, Colin Browne, Laurance Cushman, Brad Evans, David Farneth, David Gilbert, Aaron Glass, Jere Guldin, Bill Holm, Rebecca Peabody, Michael Pisani, Andrea Sanborn, Rani Singh, Norman Stanfield, Jannon Stein, Karen Stokes, Neal Stuhlberg, Romita Stutts, Katja Zelljadt


The Moore Theatre (Seattle Theatre Group): Vicky Lee, Vicki Infinito, Robert Margoshes

Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture: Carl Sander, Robin Wright, Becky Andrews, Erin Younger, Ruth Pelz


The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts: Cindy Behrmann, Audrey Chan, Joyce Hinton, Donna Caedo, Cameron McGill, Christine Offer

UBC Museum of Anthropology: Anthony Shelton, Roberta Kremer, Jennifer Webb, Jill Baird, Anjuli Solanki, Krisztina Lazlo, Skooker Broome, Joanne White

UBC First Nations Studies Program: Linc Kesler

UBC Public Affairs/Centenary 2008 Committee: Nancy Mortifee, Sid Katz

Turning Point Ensemble: Jeremy Berkman, Owen Underhill, Karen Pledger

Music consultation: Jim Littleford, Michael Bushnell, Norman Stanfield

“Old Images/New Views” exhibit contributors

Bruce Miller and the UBC Department of Anthropology


The Field Museum: Elizabeth Babcock, Armand Esai, Michael Godow, Melissa Anderson


National Gallery of Art: Stephen Ackert and Margaret Parsons

Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian: Howard Bass, Melissa Bisagni, Michelle Svenson, Elizabeth Weatherford, Margaret Sagan


American Museum of Natural History/Margaret Mead Film & Video Festival: Elaine Charnov, Monique Scott, Ariella Ben-Dov, Roberto Borrero, Natalie Tschechaniuk, Lily Szajnberg, Peter Whiteley, Charles Spencer, Steve Reichl, Lynn Hassett

Rutgers University: John Belton, Ann Fabian, Jeff Friedman, Richard Koszarski, Fran Mascia-Lees, Matt Matsuda, Barry Qualls, Tanya Sheehan, Susan Sidlauskas, Virginia Yans, the Departments of Anthropology, Art History, Dance, English, History, and the School of Arts and Sciences

New York University: Faye Ginsburg, Eugenia Kisin

The Coast Orchestra: Laura Ortman

NYU Native People’s Forum: T. James Matthews

Bard Graduate Center: Peter Miller, Elena Simon, Graham White, Ben Rosenthal

The NYU Center for Multicultural Education and Programs: Richard Chavolla, C.C. Suarez

NYC video volunteers: Heather Weyrick, Anoosh Tertzakian, Nina Krstic


Artistic advisor, stage design, and lighting design: Dave Hunsaker

Additional Staging Advice: Jim Simard, Lucas Hoiland, Toby Corbett

Production assistant (West Coast): Art Brickman

Projected photographs: Sharon Eva Grainger

Design for the Gwa’wina Dancers set elements: William Wasden Jr, with assistance by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Staging and prop assistance: Bill Holm, University Of British Columbia Department of Theatre and Film


Project advisor and videographer: Colin Browne

Additional research advice: Bill Holm, Ira Jacknis, Peter Macnair, Deanna and Jerry Costanzo, Hugo Zeiter


Assistance to Aaron Glass: Adam Solomonian, Laura Friesan, Phil Dion, Helen Polson

Assistance to Brad Evans: Jenna Lewis, Weif Baher


Fund raising assistance: Lou-Ann Neel, Sharon Eva Grainger, Dave Hunsaker, David Skinner, John and Judy Glass, Harriet Glickman