2013-15 Head Hunter Press

Rutgers Today, “Rescuing a Film Classic Nearly Lost to History”

The Bert Barron Show, “NJ Film Festival Screening of In the Land of the Head Hunters: Interview with Brad Evans,” February 27, 2014.

Audio-Visual Heritage Association of British Columbia
100th Anniversary Screening of In the Land of the Head Hunters


French Film Release in 2013

Blog post by Oliver Farry (re: French release): http://underachievement.blogspot.fr/2013/12/in-land-of-head-hunters-edward-s-curtis.html (reposted at http://www.berfrois.com/2013/12/restoration-revamped/)


Rutgers Screening in 2014

Rutgers Today, “Rescuing a Film Classic Nearly Lost to History.”

February 27, 2014: “NJ Film Festival Screening of In the Land of the Head Hunters: Interview with Brad Evans.” The Bert Barron Show, The Voice Talk Radio (WCTC 1450AM)


Vancouver Screenings in December 2014

December 4, 2014: "The Early Edition," CBC Radio, interview with Colin Browne.

December 5, 2014: “In the Land of the Headhunters: B.C.'s first feature film celebrates 100 years.” CBC News.

December 5, 2014: “100-year-old feature film on B.C. aboriginals gets long-overdue second run.” The Vancouver Sun.

December 5, 2014: “Historic B.C. aboriginal feature film celebrates centenary: In the Land of the Head Hunters.” Straight.com.


Concordia Screening in March 2015

Athina Lugez, "The Hunt Begins Again: Canada's Earliest Film Restored and Presented at Concordia," The Link: Concordia's Independent Newspaper